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The need for multidisciplinary approaches to legal services has given rise to increasingly creative service delivery models. The phenomenon is a natural outgrowth of three important ideas that Louis Brandeis developed. First, his work gave rise to the concept of the Brandeis Brief, which in its broader meaning has become a metaphor for the relevance of such social science insights to legal problem-solving. Second, Brandeis introduced the concept of “counsel for the situation” to capture a vision of lawyering that provided a broader identification of the interests involved, again with an orientation on problem-solving. A third idea championed by Brandeis was to boldly proclaim that business can be a force for good. These ideas, brought together, suggest that clients and users of legal services can benefit not just from a narrow Brandeis brief, but a true Brandeis law firm that unleashes the insights from other professional perspectives, allows for creative problem-solving, and sees the potential of business as a force for good. This essay explores the challenges and opportunities to U.S. law firms that wish to move from using the spirit of a Brandeis brief to become a more fully holistic Brandeis law firm.